Fundraiser 2019

The 2019 fundraiser was – by far – the most successful and well attended event yet. The weather was perfect and provided for a festive evening. Lots of food, lots of drink and some fun activities like a 20’s photo booth.  The theme of the event was the 100 years since the beginning of Prohibition and its effect on the New Jersey shore.  Historian Jeff Brown provided a talk on the activities of rum runners on the Jersey shore in their efforts to import illegal liquor. It was a great evening.  Thanks to all who were part of it.

The Museum’s A-Cats

The NJ Maritime Museum received the donation of two A-Cat sailboats GHOST and RAVEN.  Much of the summer was spent attending sailing events all over Barnegat Bay and providing the sailing experience to many including school children and wounded warriors. Here is a collection of images captured during some of GHOST’s adventures.

Fundraiser 2015

The rain came early this year on Fundraiser Day. We knew that might happen and had more of the museum grounds covered with tents than ever before. But the rain did not diminish the attendees either in number or in enthusiasm. Food and beverage were in abundance all evening. Tribute was made to the 125th anniversary of Beach Haven. More door prizes and gift baskets were awarded than ever before. Thanks to all who came to participate. Thanks also to the local business community for their generous support. And thanks to the museum’s volunteers for bringing it all together.

Book Signing August 2, 2015

LBI has a rich history. And we are fortunate to have several authors who have taken the time and effort to document that history for all of us to enjoy. Some of these authors came to the Maritime Museum on August 2, 2015 to be part of a LBI celebration and book signing party. Here are some of the photos taken at this special museum event.

Deb’s Birthday – June 5, 2015

Deb turns 60! What better way to celebrate this milestone than a party at the museum with friends and family. Blustery weather prevented this from being a “Booze Cruise” as originally planned. But no one seemed to mind being indoors with the same food and grog.  Happy birthday Deb. Many more to come.

Pauline’s Birthday Party – February 28, 2015

The “museum mom”, Pauline Whitcraft, was in town for her birthday this year. That is a great excuse for a party. Friends and family surprised Pauline with a birthday celebration at the museum..  The party was catered by Beach Haven Catering (David Lloyd).  This was a great way to shake off the February blahs.  Happy birthday Pauline.

Stolt Dagali Anchor Dedication – December 5. 2009

On a beautiful day at the Jersey Shore, Steve and Maureen Langevin cruised to their favorite wreck 15 miles offshore.  The visibility on the wreck was a rare 80′ and this is the day Steve while videotaping saw in his viewfinder a curious shape. Wow, that’s an anchor! The discovery launched a 3 year expedition to recover the artifact.

With help from Captain Hank Garvin and crew of the Garloo, the Langevins dislodged the anchor where it fell to the sea floor. One week later, on June 14, 2009, with help from a chartered scallop dragger they lifted the artifact from it’s watery grave. Their friend Bill Lockwood from Lockwood Boatworks strapped the 5,000 pound anchor on a trailer and transported it to it’s new home for everyone to see. Here are some photos of the dedication of the anchor to the Maritime Museum