The NJ Maritime Museum has collected or been given a wealth of information on several subjects, often not necessarily about maritime history. We have photo histories of Atlantic City, Beach Haven, LBI, several local families, historic events, natural disasters, and on and on. This information is organized in 257 notebooks that are available for visitor review in the Presentation Room. A list of the notebooks currently available is shown here.  As with everything at the Museum, this list is subject to additions.

Notebooks by Category and Number




A1       Alphabetical List of Shipwreck Files

A2       Handwritten List of Shipwrecks (Frank Watson)

A3       Atlantic Wreck Series

A4       Wreck Info List – US Hydrographic Office

A5       Wrecks – off New York

A6       Wrecks – off New Jersey

A7       N.J. Shipwreck Statistics

A8       Wrecks off Monmouth, NJ Coast

A9       Disasters at Sea (1851-1858)

A10     Shipwreck Passenger Log-1

A11     Shipwreck Passenger Log-2

A12     Shipwreck Passenger Log-3

A13     Shipwreck Passenger Log-4

A14     US Lifesaving Service – Incidents (1875-1914)

A15     Unidentified Shipwrecks – Unknown Dates)

A16     Unidentified Shipwrecks – (1620-1846)

A17     Unidentified Shipwrecks – (1848-1981)

A18     Unidentified Shipwrecks – Unknown Dates)

A19     Shipwrecks Narratives

A20     Commercial Fishing Losses

A21     Dirigibles




B1       Wrecks in Mullica River

B2       Wreck Reports – 1

B3       Wreck Reports – 2

B4       Shipwrecks

B5       Shipwrecks of N.Jersey

B6       Shipwreck Accounts

B7       Shipwrecks 1705 – 1983

B8       Tuckers Island Rise/Fall

B9       Tuckers Island Deeds

B10     Lighthouse Reports – 1 (1913-1927)

B11     Lighthouse Reports – 2 (1913-1927)

B12     Lighthouse Reports – 3 (1913-1927)

B13     U.S. Lighthouse Service

B14     Lighthouses & Lightships

B15     Barnegat Lightship

B16     Barnegat Light

B17     Tucker’s Island Lighthouses -1

B18     Tucker’s Island Lighthouses – 2

B19     Tucker’s Island Light / Log Book

B20     NJ Lighthouses – News Clippings



C1       1944 Hurricane – 1

C2       1944 Hurricane – 2

C3       1944 Hurricane – 3

C4       1962 Nor’easter – 1

C5       1962 Nor’easter – 2

C6       1962 Nor’easter – 3

C7       1962 Nor’easter at Ocean City

C8       1962 Nor’easter at Sea Isle City – 1

C9       1962 Nor’easter at Sea Isle City – 2

C10     1962 Nor’easter at Strathmere

C11     1962 Nor’easter at Holgate

C12     1962 Nor’easter at Avalon & Wildwood

C13     1962 Nor’easter at Cape May

C14     1962 Nor’easter – Emergency Info

C15     1962 & 1992 Nor’easter Photos

C16     1992 Nor’easter

C17     Superstorm Sandy – 1

C18     Superstorm Sandy – 2

C19     LBI Storm Memories

C20     Misc Jerseyans

C21     Postcards – Atl Highlands

C22     Postcards – NJ Historical

C23     Misc NJ Maritime Related Clippings

C24     Superstorm Sandy Aftermath Photos




D1       ATL Highlands 1900-1975

D2       Long Beach Island 1956

D3       LBI Causeway Bridge

D4       LBI Chronology

D5       Arial Views BLI 20’s & 30’s

D6       Arial Views of LBI

D7       LBI – Pictorial Past

D8       LBI Photos 50’s & 60’s

D9       LBI Photos – Ralph Parker/Bill Kane

D10     LBI:  Then & Now

D11     LBI Directory 1962-1963

D12     LBI Doctors

D13     Ocean County Vacation Guide 63′ – 64′

D14     Ocean County Vacation Guide 1955

D15     The “Shack”

D16     Polly’s Dock

D17     Beach Haven – 1

D18     Beach Haven – 2

D19     Beach Haven Realty

D20     Beach Haven Schools 63′ – 70′

D21     The “Breeze”

D22     Acme Hotel – Tremantle Family

D23     Baldwin & Engleside Hotels

D24     The Bordwick

D25     The Garvey

D26     The Lucy Evelyn

D27     Harvey Ceders Photos

D28     Beach Haven Historical

D29     Beach Haven Photos




E1       Beach Haven Terrace Guest Log – 1940

E2       Beach Haven Police/Fire/EMS

E3       Beach Haven – Lure of the Sea

E4       1916 Shark Attacks

E5       Beach Haven Views – 1

E6       Beach Haven Views – 2

E7       Beach Haven Views – 3

E8       Beach Haven Charter Boat Capts 1876-1976 – 1

E9       Beach Haven Charter Boat Capts 1876-1976 – 2

E10     Beach Haven Charter Boat Capts 1876-1976 – 3

E11     Beach Haven Charter Boat Capts 1876-1976 – 4

E12     Beach Haven Pictorial History – Floyd Cramer

E13     Beach Haven Photos – Stokes Carrigan

E14     Beach Haven Land Records

E15     Beach Haven Yacht Club – 1

E16     Beach Haven Yacht Club – 2

E17     Ocean County Information

E18     Harvey Ceders – Misc Photos

E19     Post Card Scans

E20     1883 Tuckerton & Long Beach Lands – 1

E21     1883 Tuckerton & Long Beach Lands – 2

E22     1885 Engleswood Property Tax Assess.

E23     Property Deeds – 1

E24     Property Deeds – 2

E25     Beach Haven Building Projects 1925′- 54′


F:        JERSEY SHORE MISC     


F1       NJ Tercentenary Commission

F2       1933 National Geographic NJ

F3       The Pine Barrons

F4       Sandy Hook, Sea Bright, Asbury, Monmouth

F5       Ocean City

F6       Asbury Park & Ocean Grove

F7       New Jersey Coastal Towns

F8       Coastal Pollution

F9       Stopping Pollution in Barnegat Bay

F10     1992 Artificial Reef News – 1

F11     1992 Artificial Reef News – 2

F12     New Jersey Artificial Reefs – 1

F13     New Jersey Artificial Reefs – 2

F14     New Jersey Artificial Reefs – 3

F15     New Jersey Artificial Reefs – 4

F16     New Jersey Artificial Reefs – 5

F17     Conservation Essentials

F18     Conservation of Metal Objects from the Sea

F19     Methods for Conserving Archaeological Objects

F20     Clovis Point

F21     Danforth Anchors

F22     Anchors – 101

F23     Bureau of Commerce & Labor




G1       Beachcomber – 40th Anniversary

G2       Wire Drag Survey – 1

G3       Wire Drag Survey – 2

G4       Fish Factory – Tuckerton

G5       Women’s Surf Fishing Cookbook

G6       Pound Fishing

G7       Commercial Fishing

G8       Beach Haven Tuna Fishing 1940-1980

G9       Whaling Days in New Jersey

G10     Crab Island Menhaden Plant

G11     Shark Research Institute

G12     Duck Shanties

G13     Tuckerton Telegraph Tower

G14     Rumrunners

G15     Prohibition Prescriptions

G16     Railroads

G17     Skinner Donnelly Houseboat

G18     South Jersey History 1664-1924 – 1

G19     South Jersey History 1664-1924 – 2

G20     South Jersey History 1664-1924 – 3

G21     NJ Maritime Industries

G22     NJ Historical Aerial Photos

G23     Ralph Granville Collins Journals – 1

G24     Ralph Granville Collins Journals – 2




H1       Wilbur Pharo Merchant Marine School 43′

H2       USS New Jersey

H3       35mm Slides of Ships

H4       Clippings – Now and Then

H5       New Jersey Vessels 1784-1929

H6       Merchant Mariners

H7       Maersk Alabama

H8       Insignia of America’s Seafarers

H9       Logbook of Rowboat “Fox”

H10     Steamboat Bill of Facts

H11     War Loses – Virtual Cemetery

H12     N.Y. Harbor Tall Ships – 1986

H13     Sinbad the USCG Dog

H14     Joshua Reynolds

H15     Amerial Contaldi – USN Waves

H16     Submarines

H17     U-Boat Action off the N.J. Coast – 1

H18     U-Boat Action off the N.J. Coast – 2

H19     German Sub Activity on Atlantic Coast

H20     Pedigree Charts

H21     Loran Numbers

H22     White Star Line

H23     Italia Line

H 24    WW ll Military Personnel Clippings




I1         Edward Kalinoski

I2         Jack Spurling

I3         Tom Ferebee – Enola Gay Bomber

I4         Blackman Beer Genealogy

I5         Broome Genealogy

I6         Conklin

I7         Dowell, Garabo, Brown, Johnson

I8         Gaskill Genealogy

I9         Hart Genealogy

I10       Inman Family Genealogy – 1

I11       Inman Family Genealogy – 2

I12       Descendants of Eber Rider

I13       Ridgeway Genealogy

I14       Penelope Stout

I15       Capt James Sprague

I16       Capt Yates

I17       Mike DeCamp

I18       Don Nyce – A.C. Photos – 1

I19       Don Nyce – A.C. Photos – 2

I20       Don Nyce – A.C. Photos – 3

I21       Hurley Conklin Awards

I22       A.C. Negatives – 1

I23       A.C. Negatives – 2

I24       Frank Watson Negatives

I25       Newspaper Articles 1950-1970

I26       Old Legal Documents




J1        Diving w/ Little Debbie

J2        Harley Sager Diving

J3        Wreck & Salvage ACY 1959 & 1964

J4        Diving Fatalities

J5        Whitcraft Testimony 1982 – Shipwrecks

J6        Misc Photos, Articles, Pamphlets

J7        Dive Slides & Photos

J8        Artifact Diving – Tombstones & USLSS

J9        Capt Dorsett – Cabinet of Death

J10      Underwater Monopoly

J11      Tombstones

J12      Skull & Bones

J13      Barnegat Pirates

J14      Scrimshaw

J15      Wreckers of Ship Plunderers of Barnegat

J16      Boat Repairs – Beach Haven Circa 1950’s -1

J17      Boat Repairs – Beach Haven Circa 1950’s -2


K:        Whitcraft / Coyle /                                     

            NJMM / Black Whale Articles


K1       Deb Whitcraft Articles – 1

K2       Deb Whitcraft Articles – 2

K3       Deb Whitcraft Articles – 3

K4       Deb Whitcraft Articles – 4

K5       Deb Whitcraft Articles – 5

K6       Deb Whitcraft Articles – 6

K7       Gretchen Coyle Articles – 1

K8       Gretchen Coyle Articles – 2

K9       Gretchen Coyle Articles – 3

K10     Gretchen Coyle Articles – 4

K11     Gretchen Coyle Articles – 5

K12     Thomas Farner 200 Plus

K13     Thomas Farner Articles

K14     NJ Maritime Museum in the News

K15     NJ Maritime Museum History

K16     Black Whale Memories – Linda Frazier

K17     Black Whale History – 1

K18     Black Whale History – 2

K19     AC Memories by Capt Ed George

K20     Misc Correspondence

K21     1800’s Port, Cargo, Tugboat, & Pilot Fees

K22     Ferries – Photos & Misc Information




L1        Atlantic City Game Fishing

L2        Atlantic City Tuna Club

L3        Atlantic City in the 1920s

L4        History of Atlantic City – 1

L5        History of Atlantic City – 2

L6        History of Atlantic City – 3

L7        History of Atlantic City – 4

L8        History of Atlantic City – 5

L9        History of Atlantic City – 6

L10     History of Atlantic City – 7

L11      History of Atlantic City – 8

L12     History of Atlantic City – 9

L13     Atlantic City Postcards

L14     A.C. Beach Patrol – 1948

L15     Van Sant Shipyards

L16     Gardiner’s Basin

L17     The Steel Pier in A.C.

L18     Capt Starns Reunion – 1998

L19     Atlantic City Fishing – 1

L20     Atlantic City Fishing – 2

L21     Atlantic City Fishing – 3

L22     Atlantic City Fishing – 4