Engraved Paver Fundraiser

As Jim mentioned in the Holiday newsletter, we are looking for alternative ways to raise funds to support our ongoing efforts to promote and preserve our New Jersey maritime history. With the COVID-19 virus forecast to remain a threat through much of 2021, a September fundraiser remains a high risk activity which we should not consider.  One alternate option that has proven to be successful by several organizations is the sale of engraved paver bricks to pave the sidewalks surrounding the museum. This would be a long term program.

Those of you familiar with the museum’s grounds know that our Dock Road and West Avenue sidewalks consist of paving stones; There are two sizes, 6” x 6” and 9” x 6”. We will be offering engraved bricks at a cost of $75 each for the 6” x 6” bricks, $100 each for the 9” x 6” bricks. Each brick will allow for the use of up to 3 lines, with 16 characters per line. A character can be a letter, a number, a punctuation mark or a space. Each line is automatically centered and all letters are capitalized. Installation of these bricks will be scheduled not less than twice annually.

This is an example of how the pavers look.

The bricks can be inscribed with whatever message you want – a memorial, a celebration of life, a dedication. An order form has been created to submit your brick order. You can download it using the link below. We haven’t come up with an on-line order form using our website donation process (yes, we are working on it). In the meantime, please download this form, fill it in and mail it (or drop it off) with your check to the museum’s Beach Haven address at the top of the form.


We appreciate all the support our members and friends have given to the museum over the years. We hope you will help us on this fund drive as well. Thanks in advance for buying a brick.

Deb and Jim

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